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  • Who can say?

    Who can say that government does not care for its people? Who can say that government does not try to help its people? Who can say that the government does not do enough for its people? The disaster of hurricane Katrina has caused outrage with people claiming that the government is not doing enough to help its people. I challenge that the government is doing what it can to complete its job, the preservation of its people. The government is not there to handout help to those who do not ask for it, it can only help those who want help. When people prevent the government from completing this job the only resort for the government is to do what it can for those who want the help. The scope of this disaster is one of epic Biblical proportions that this government, and few others, have ever faced. The government has made mistakes but right now we need to accept those mistakes and support the governments actions so that no other mistakes are made. The government is not the only solution though, the people affected by this need to help others. We must take responsibility and blame where blame is do, but not now, we must help others and then place blame when every life is saved.

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    William Rehnquist dies

    William Rehnquist, the chief justice of the United States, has died

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